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Why Bluntly Coached?

The answer is simple…

People are tired of being patronized. Don't you wish someone will break it down and give it to you straight? Well, we do. This is the overall idea of Bluntly Coached. We tell you as it is. No foolishness. No judging. No foolery. 

We utilize a non-judgmental, non-patronizing, and solution-focused approach to decipher your stenghts and challenges. Each client is uniquely different, so we listen to you and together we create achievable goals.

Counseling for Women- Bluntly Coached

Trauma-Informed Practice

The reality is- we all have emotional scars and bruises that we carry with us on a daily basis. Some of the memories, thoughts, actions, and inactions that haunts us are easily dismissed while others may create a dark hole in our hearts. These traumas and microtraumas affect the overall behavior, perception of self, and general worldview. 

As a trauma informed practice, we don’t ask you “what’s wrong with you.” We operate from a paradigm shift that encourages you to process your traumatic experiences and rise above them. Rather than implying that something is “wrong” with you, we ask you about “what happened to you.” We do this because we understand that you most likely did not have control over the events that left you emotionally bruised and behaviorally challenged.

Life Transitions

Life changes such as relocation, career change, graduation, marriage, divorce, and grief are realities that we all contend with at various points in life.

Men and women go through phases of life that can be overwhelming. Life transitions, planned or unplanned, are bound to bring emotional distress. Our goal is to provide support that you need as you go through these transitions. You are unique in your path through life. Seeking help does not make you weak.

Group Counseling

In today’s world, it feels like we are all in the same boat. Between the pandemic and other social stressors, having a safe space to decompress and connect is essential. Our Men, Women, and Teen groups are revolving and on par with our clients' needs. The groups are closed and therapeutic in nature.

We also offer support and skills groups that are open to most individuals outside of our current clients.


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A Culturally Affriming Approach.



Bluntly Coached

First Generation American

We all come from somewhere. While some fit into the American mainstream culture so perfectly that you can barely notice, others stand out like statues. In reality, "fitting in" physically is only a small piece of the puzzle. We know the struggle all too well. We can relate with the emotional and psychological conflicts that consistently occur in the mind of a first generation American. We empathize with the challenging task of balancing who you are within versus who the world want you to be. First gens no longer have to suffer in silence. It is time to integrate all the different versions of you.


The Power of YOU


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