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Counseling for Women- Bluntly Coached


Working with women requires a set of skills that is more than just being a women. This does not come as a surprise especially because many women naturally cannot stand other women’s foolishness. I choose to work specifically with women because I utilize a Non-Judgmental, Non-patronizing, and Solution-Focused approach to decipher the struggles that you may be deal with on a daily basis. Each client is uniquely different, so I listen to you and together we create achievable goals.


Can we all agree that teenagers are extra special? They are in this unique stage of life where they are winging most of their decisions and learning as they go along. Regardless of how well-rounded your teenager is, the adolescent years are daunting. Some teenagers make mistakes that are easily corrected while some make grave errors that may determine the rest of their lives. In working with adolescent, I make active effort to meet your teen where he/she is in the journey through life. I help them navigate the ever so important teenage years by teaching them coping skills that they can utilize everyday. I am also effective in providing support, affecting behavioral change, strengthening emotional well-being, and improving motivation in teenagers.

First Generation & Immigrant Americans

Just in the odd case that you are not familiar with this term, a first generation American could refer to naturalized immigrants who now resides in the United States or natural born American children of those same immigrants. I personally fit in the initial category because I was born in Nigeria, relocated to the United States, and became a naturalized citizen.

Why Bluntly Coached?

The answer is simple…

People are tired of being patronized. Don't you just wish someone will break it down and give it to you straight? Well I did and I still do. This is the overall idea of Bluntly Coached. I tell you as it is. No foolishness. No judging. No foolery. My only question to you at this point is- what are you waiting for? Get started here-


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Our Specialty: Immigrant Families

First Generation American

Living with immigrant parents and being a first generation immigrant child is exactly like a melting pot. You have individuals in the household who are in different stages of acculturation and assimilation. I don't know about your household, but mine is a combination of three different ethnic languages plus English- for good measure. Children have switches that needs to come on and off depending on where they are at the moment. This level of emotional and psychological self regulation is important in immigrant families because children must behave in accordance with their current physical location. The same behavior that may be appropriate among peers is definitely not going to fly at home and it better be tucked far away during religious gatherings. Although functional and tolerant, living in an immigrant family is a juggling act that is naturally stressful on most first gen Americans. 


The Life of First Generation & Immigrant American

We all come from somewhere. While some fit into the American mainstream culture so perfectly that you can barely notice, others stand out like statues. In reality however, "fitting in" physically is only a small piece of the puzzle. As an immigrant, I understand the struggles all too well. I can relate with the emotional and psychological conflicts that consistently occurs in the mind as first generation Americans attempt to balance who we are within our families and who we need to be for the community to "accept" us. I have resolved that immigrant children and young adults no longer have to struggle and suffer in silence.


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