Sex First, Questions Later | A Generational Dysfunction

Let’s face it- meaningful sex is now overrated. In this day and age, sex is just sex- nothing more. It has become such a useless act that it no longer expresses anything in particular. As such, we now have sexually active 12 year old boys who do not know the biological function of ejaculation. On the receiving side is the 10-12 year old girl who does not know any other function of her breasts but for a boy to squeeze them.

The dysfunction start with the parents. The parents of young boys decide to skip sex education because after all, “boys will always be boys”. For girls, the parents decide to put them on birth control as soon as they start menstruating. No conversation about STDs and no discussion about boys- Just birth control. Reality is that most teenagers now see birth control as a pass to have sex with anything and anyone. But can you blame them? Parents no longer educate their children about the ramifications of sex. The church focus on abstinence and the school stays far away from the topic. Somewhere in the United States right now, a 13 year old girl is pregnant and positive for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV and every other STD in between. This pregnancy is not her first pregnancy either. She had a miscarriage two years ago when she was 11 years old. As you read the story along, you will find out that the mother (28yr) of this 13 year old is also pregnant with her 10th baby. This 10th baby brings the total number of fathers to eight. As a reasonable adult and a mother, stories like this makes me upset. As a Social Worker and a Therapist, the same story does not surprise me. What the heck kind of sex education can she possible teach this child when she has personally demonstrated a grave level of promiscuity?

This idea of "sex first, questions later" is really incomprehensible. How did the last three to four generations get so screwed up? You definitely cannot blame it on our forefathers and mothers because they had values and respect. As a matter of fact, I am not going to blame this foolishness on anybody, anything, or anyone because you are the only one who has control over your vagina or penis. You have sex casually with any man just because he is “cute” and because you think you have the right to do so. But you turn around and demand respect from the same person. Two weeks later, you get upset because he has sent your stupid self to voicemail. Why should he pick up your calls? Why should you be respected?

Sex equals self-control. Regardless of the modern perception of sex, I still believe that sex is a powerful weapon that should be handed out strategically for maximum effect. Serving it up in a filth-filled club bathroom or the school locker room in the name of sexual freedom is the epitome of some of the major generational issues that we have today.

The current 20, 30, and 40 somethings must think deeply about this foolishness. After all, we are the ones raising these teenagers in a way that encourages waywardness and total disregard for self. We need to communicate with our children in a language that they understand. It is our responsibility, as parents, to educate our children of the good, the bad, and the ugly of sexual intercourse. If you don’t, the street will teach your child and the consequences will be grave.

Submitted: A Concerned Parent.

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