Bluntly Coached is a result of both personal and professional experiences. Being a social butterfly, I tend to start conversations with people out of pure curiosity and with the intention of learning something new. What I found time and time again in many of the women I encounter is similar stories of stress, difficulty with work-life balance, to-do list that keeps getting longer, strenuous workplace, and difficulty with communicating feelings appropriately. It quickly became clear to me that there is a covert correlation between success and stress. Overall, women have a more difficult time accepting the notion that they can be successful by working smarter rather than just harder.                 
This is not a surprise. Over generations, women are explicitly taught that they can only gravitate towards certain careers simply because of gender. If a woman desires to wonder out of the scope of acceptance, she will need to mentally prepare herself for all the masculine passive-aggressive shenanigan that she will most certainly run into along the way. She is covertly and/or overtly required to make grave sacrifices while also dealing with other workplace and personal nonsense. This is a pessimistic mindset that we need to get away from.
With Bluntly Coached, my goal is to provide women with a solution-focused approach to stress management, mental wellness, personal, and professional growth. I bring to the table an in-depth knowledge of interpersonal relationships, communication, professional growth, and personal enrichment that I acquired over years of working with people as personal coach and mental health therapist. If you are still reading this, then something inside of you wants to be helped. The time is now. 

 During our time together, I will assess your current situation to identify the areas of your life that stresses you out. Below are some stressors that you may experience often in your personal, social, and professional life:

  • Low self- esteem
  • Time management skills
  • Parenting support
  • Midlife transition
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Feelings of Rejection
  • Not feeling enough
  • Procrastination
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling stuck 
  • Loss of self
  • Self Doubt

After identifying the stressors, I will work with you to identify any blocks that may be preventing you from growing. We will also work together to reduce the identified stressors and maintain a happy lifestyle.